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Direct Purchase & Funding - Silver Bay Partners
                        Direct Funding, Hard Money, Distress Purchases
                                                       Small - Midsize $$$ ONLY

Silver Bay Capital Partners

Our private equity group formed originally to make small to mid-sized asset based or hard-money loans in New Jersey.  Loans are based primarily on the value of the underlying asset and not so much on the creditworthiness of the borrower.  The investment is secured by the real estate.  A premium interest rate is obtained by offering financing which may not be available elsewhere and for assuming the additonal risk involved.  Please note that while loans may be secured by residential property, the loan itself must be for a business purpose such as rehab or flip.  A title and judgement search is required prior to funding.

RECENT TRANSACTIONS:  Multi-family Re-hab Mercer County, Residential Flip Pelican Island NJ

Silver Bay Partners:

Purchases real estate for investment, either short or long term.  Including: vacant land, residential homes, re-hab and investment properties etc. Also buyer of Tax Liens & Deeds.

NEED TO SELL NOW - We have Cash and are ready to move.  
New Program:  Can't complete your project, but don't want to lose the upside.  Sell to us and we can offer you a share of the future profits. 


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